The New Mutants has a couple of things to prove, including the studio's assurances that it'll eventually come out. It's suffered repeated delays and various troubling rumors — and if or when it does arrive, everyone will be trying to spot the seams while deciding whether the end result lives up to what's being billed as a superhero horror film.


We've already seen the genre prove it can pull off comedy, thanks to Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy, but we've yet to see a superhero movie go full-on horror. Rumor has it that New Mutants is eyeballing R-rated territory, and if this ends up being the case, it'll be a crucial test for just how far filmmakers are able to push the limits of moves about our favorite costumed crimefighters. Even if it forgoes an R rating, that just makes its job of delivering effective horror even harder. Can this be another X-Men spinoff to nail a new genre hybrid concept, or is this destined to be nothing more than millions of dollars being funneled down the drain?


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