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        Reciprocating compressors(往復式壓縮機)
        編輯:北京譯海騰飛翻譯公司   發布時間:2019-07-02

        A great majority of reciprocating compressors which compress the refrigerant gas only on the forwards troke of a piston are built to be single acting in a large capacity range,up to hundreds of kilowatts.(大部份往復式壓縮機,僅僅依靠活塞向前運動壓縮制冷劑氣體,它在往被用于大容量用途,高達數百千瓦?Models of these compressors may be single-cylinder or multicylinder in V,W,radial,or line form.(這些壓縮機,可以是單氣缸或在V?W?徑向分布?交叉分布的多氣缸?The power required for the compressor can be provided either directly by a motor or indirectly by a belt or a gear drive.(壓縮機所需要的動力可以是直接由電動機驅動或間接由皮帶?齒輪傳動?In these compressors, cylinder clearance volume,compression ratio, amount of suction superheat, valve pressure drops, and the refrigerant-oil characteristics are the main parameters which affect their efficiencies.(在這些壓縮機中,汽缸凈容積?壓縮?吸氣過熱度?閥壓降以及制冷劑-潤滑油的特點是影響其效率的主要參數? The selection of cooling method is dependent on the discharge temperature.(冷卻方式的選擇依賴于排氣溫度?For example, when the discharge temperature is low, as in R-134a compressors, air cooling is usually chosen.Water cooling is used where high discharge temperatures occur.(舉例來說, R134a 的壓縮機中,當排氣溫度低,通常選擇空氣冷卻的方式,水冷卻是被用在排氣溫度過高的場合?

        Note that Danfoss Maneurop hermetic reciprocating compressors are specially designed for applications with a wide range of operating conditions.Danfoss Maneurop注意到全封閉往復式壓縮機是專為較寬工況范圍而設計的?The concept has proven its reliability and durability in low, medium and high temperature applications.(這種說法已經在低?中和高的溫度環境下證明了它的可靠性和耐用性?Suction gas enters the compressor and cools the electrical motor.(制冷劑氣體進入壓縮機并且冷卻電機?The circular valve design and profiled piston provide for an efficient compression process.(循環閥的設計及異型活塞提供了一個有效的壓縮過程?Discharge gas passes through an internal muffler to eliminate gas pulsation which reduces sound level and vibration.(排出氣體通過一個內部消聲器,以消除氣體脈動從而降低聲級和振動?The internal discharge line runs through the oil sump taking care of an oil temperature high enough to evaporate eventual liquid refrigerant entering the compressor.(內部排氣管貫穿了整個油箱,以便油溫高到足以蒸發可能進入壓縮機的液態制冷劑?


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