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        編輯:北京譯海騰飛翻譯公司   發布時間:2018-11-11

        1、 "I've Just Bitten My Tongue"Are we poisonous?" the young snake asked his mother."Yes, dear," she replied - "Why do you ask?""Cause I've just bitten my tongue! "我剛咬破自己的舌頭我們有毒嗎?一個年幼的蛇問它的母親。是的,親愛的,她回答說,你問這個干什么?”“因為我剛剛咬破自己的舌頭。”"

        2、 ""Your Honor, I want to bring to your attention how unfair it is for my client tobe accused of theft. He arrived in New York City a week ago and barely knew hisway around. What's more, he only speaks a few words of English."The judge looked at the defendant and asked, "How much English can you speak?"The defendant looked up and said, "Give me your wallet!""法官先生,我的當事人被指控偷竊,這是多么不公正啊。他一周前才來到紐約,幾乎不認路。而且,他只會說幾個英語單詞。"法官看了看被告,問道:"你會說多少英文?"被告抬起頭,說:"把你的錢包給我!""

        3、 "Tommy: How is your little brother, Johnny? Johnny: He is ill in bed. He hurt himself.Tommy: That's too bad. How did that happen?Johnny: We played who could lean furthest out of the window, and he won.湯姆:約翰尼,你小弟弟好嗎?約翰尼:他害病臥床了。他受了傷。湯姆:真糟糕,怎么回事兒?約翰尼:我們做游戲,看誰能把身子探出窗外最遠,他贏了。"

        4、 "Three pastors in the south were having lunch in a diner. One said, You know, since summer started I’ve been having trouble with bats in my loft(閣樓) and attic at church. I’ve tried everything----noise, spray, cats----nothing seems to scare them away.Another said, Yes, me too. I’ve got hundreds living in my belfry(鐘樓) and in the attic. I’ve been had the place fumigated(熏制) , and they still won’t go away.The third said, I baptized(洗禮) all mine, and made them members of the church...haven’t seen one back since!三個南部的牧師在一家小餐館里吃午飯。其中的一個說道:你們知道嗎,自從夏天來臨,我的教堂的閣樓和頂樓就被蝙蝠騷擾,我用盡了一切辦法----噪音、噴霧、貓----似乎什么都不能把它們趕走。另外一位說:是啊,我也是。在我的鐘樓和閣樓也有好幾百只。我曾經請人把整個地方用煙熏消毒一遍,它們還是趕不走。第三個牧師說:我為我那里的所有蝙蝠洗禮,讓它們成為教會的一員......從此一只也沒有再回來過。”"


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