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        編輯:北京譯海騰飛翻譯公司   發布時間:2018-09-29

        1、 "A tourist was visiting New Mexico and was amazed at the dinosaur bones lying about."How old are these bones?" the tourist asked an elderly Native American, who served as a guide."Exactly one hundred million and three years old."How can you be so sure?" inquired the tourist."Well," replied the guide, " a geologist came by here and told me these bones were one hundred million years old, and that was exactly three years ago.一位游客在新墨西哥游覽。他對隨處可見的恐龍化石甚感驚奇。這些化石有多長的歷史?游客問一個上了年紀的當地美國人。他是作向導的。整整十億零三年了。” “你怎么這么肯定?游客問道。哦,向導回答道,一個地質學家來過這兒,他告訴我說這些化石有十億年了,再加上那是整整三年前的事了。”"

        2、 "Little Johnny says "Mom, when I was on the bus with Daddy this morning, he told me to give up my seat to a lady.""You've done the right thing," says Mommy."But Mommy, I was sitting on daddy's lap."小強尼說:媽媽,今天早上和爸爸在公車上時,他叫我讓座給一位女士。媽媽說:你做得很對呀。”“但是,媽媽,我是坐在爸爸膝蓋上的。”"

        33、 "Looking very unhappy, a poor man entered a doctor's consulting-room."Doctor," he said, "you must help me. I swallowed a penny about a month ago.""Good heavens, man!" said the doctor. "Why have you waited so long? Why don't you come to me on the day you swallowed it?""To tell you the truth, Doctor," the poor man replied, "I didn't need the money so badly then."一個看起來很難受的窮人走進大夫的診室。"大夫!"他說,"幫幫我!一個月前我吞了一分硬幣!""天哪,"大夫說,"早干嘛去了?你當時怎么不來看?""實話告訴您吧,大夫,"窮人說,"我當時還不缺錢!""

        3、 "Two brothers were looking at some beautiful paintings."Look," said the elder brother. "How nice these paintings are!""Yes," said the younger, "but in all these paintings there is only the mother and the children. Where is the father?"The elder brother thought for a moment and then explained, "Obviously he was painting the pictures."兄弟倆在看一些漂亮的油畫。看,哥哥說,這些畫多漂亮呀!”“是啊,弟弟說道,可是在所有這些畫中,只有媽媽和孩子。那爸爸去哪兒了呢?哥哥想了會兒,然后解釋道:很明顯,他當時正在畫這些畫唄。”"

        4、 "Son: "Dad, you are available to you on Friday afternoon?"Dad: "What ah?"Son: "mini-school parents have to open the forum!"Dad: "What is micro-parents forum?"Son: "It's only a class, you and I participate in!"兒子:爸爸,星期五下午您有空嗎?爸爸:什么事???兒子:學校要開微型家長座談會!爸爸:什么叫微型家長座談會?兒子:就是只有班主任,你和我參加!”"

        5、 "Do You Know Santa's True Profession?Consider the following:1. You never actually see Santa, only his "assistants."2. Santa keeps his job until he decides to retire.3. Santa doesn't really do the work; he directs a bunch of helpers to do all his work for him, but he's the one who everybody credits with the work.4. Santa doesn't work a 40-hour week.5. Santa travels a lot.Santa is obviously a senior faculty member with tenure!圣誕老人的真實職業是什么?考慮以下幾點1. 你其實從來沒見過圣誕老人,你看見的都是他的助手(他的助手真的好多,除了過圣誕節的所有父母外,還有職業圣誕老人2. 圣誕老人不想退休,就可以一直當他的圣誕老人。3. 圣誕老人不會做實事,他都是指揮一堆幫手幫他做完所有的事情,但是事情做得好還是不好,功績和責任都算圣誕老人的。4. 圣誕老人實行的可不是朝九晚五雙休制。5. 圣誕老人經常旅行圣誕老人顯然是一個高級職員(please, 這世界上還有比他的工作更好的工作嗎?)"


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