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        編輯:北京譯海騰飛翻譯公司   發布時間:2018-08-28

        1、 "A mother is very good at using every chance to educate his son, who was only three years old. One day, she took a plug and said to her son, " Look, there are two pieces of copper, so it must be plugged in a place where there are two holes. Where do you think it should be plugged?" She waited for an answer expectfully .  "Plug in nose." is the answer.一位母親十分善于利用每一個機會對孩子進行教育。她的兒子只有三歲。一天,她拿著一個插頭對兒子說:看,這里有兩個銅片,那它一定要插在有兩個孔的地方。你說它應該插在哪兒呢?母親期待著兒子的回答。插在鼻子里!兒子回答說。"

        2、 "A 747 was halfway across the Atlantic when the captain got on the loud speaker, "Attention, passengers. We have lost one of our engines, but we can certainly reach London with the three we have left. Unfortunately, we will arrive an hour late as a result." Shortly thereafter, the passengers heard the captain's voice again, "Guess what, folks. We just lost our third engine, but please be assured we can fly with only one. We will now arrive in London three hours late." At this point, one passenger became furious. "For Pete's sake," he shouted, "If we lose another engine, we'll be up here all night!"一架747客機正在跨越大西洋時,喇叭里傳來了機長的聲音:旅客們請注意,我們的四個引擎中有一個丟失了。但剩下的三個引擎會把我們帶到倫敦的。只是我們要因此晚到一小時 。過了一會兒,旅客們又聽到機長的聲音:各位,你們猜怎么啦???我們剛又掉了第三個引擎。但請你們相信好了。只有一個引擎我們也能飛,但要晚三個小時了。”" 正在這時,一位乘客非常氣憤 地說:看在上帝的份上,如果我們再掉一個引擎,我們就要整夜都要呆 在天上了。

        3、 On one occasion when Mark Twain arrived in London from New York,the Star thought the fact worth recording onits evening placardBut there was another piece of news to bementioned it was about the Ascot Cup being stolenTheplacard thus ran MARK TWAIN ARRIVES ASCOT CUP STOLEN Mark Twain,we believe,never heard the last of it

        有一次,馬克·吐溫從紐約起程抵達倫敦訪問,《星報》認為這個消息值得登在它的晚招貼上。但是,還有一條消息也要登上:關于愛斯科杯被盜的消息。招貼是這樣寫的: 馬克·吐溫 光臨 愛斯科杯 被盜 我們相信,馬克·吐溫從來也沒聽說過這件事。


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